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  • Old Downloads
    The version distributed on this page is an older version. The latest version is here. 目次 Search DownloadsChika […]
  • Who are the sisters of Chikamura Reia and Misuzu?
    Sisters Chikamura Reia and Chikamura Misuzu are original characters that I, No Name, have created. I imagine t […]
  • Costume: Sailor Suit
    目次 OverviewVariationsSummer ClothesWinterDownload Overview It is a simple sailor suit that seems to be somewhe […]
  • Download
    Please read the terms and conditions, and feel free to download and use it within the scope of the terms and c […]
  • The Character of Reia
    This is the personality of Reia-chan that I diagnosed on, and you can use it as a reference for […]
  • Reia’s height, weight, 3 sizes
    I actually measured the height and 3 size of the created model with Blender. (excluding birthdays, ages, and w […]


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