Update History


Update history from the plan start to the present. Some of the pages linked is not available in English.

Terms of Use Amended
2021/11/09Changed the theme and changed the design significantly
2021/11/04Significant revisions to the Terms of Use
2021/11/02Who is Chikamura Reia? Published
2021/10/23Changed the homepage from the previous list of posts to the new welcome page
2021/10/21Costume: Sailor Suit Open
2021/10/20Added CC license notation to download page
2021/10/18Chikamura Reia Voice Sample Released
2021/10/15Mogumogu Morph Experience Set Released
2021/10/14Add old version to download page
Close old download page (left the page itself)
The earliest model published
Chikamura Reia ver. Republish 0.02
2021/10/13New download page released
Chikamura Reia Gakuen Costume Set ver. 1.00β released
2021/09/16Chikamura Reia ver. 1.00α released
2021/09/09Set up a Contact form
2021/08/25For all your comments, Introduction – Chikamura Reia Official Site published
2021/08/23Self-introduction of the writing public
2021/08/12Reia’s Personality Revealed
2021/08/10Chikamura Reia Works Open to the Public
2021/08/09Chikamura Reia ver. 0.03 Public Release
Reai Chichimura ver. 0.03 Distribution start
Rei Chichimura ver. 0.02 End of distribution
Because the microphone was included in the model, microphone distribution is closed
2021/08/08Reia’s height, weight, 3 sizes open to the public
2021/07/15Odaibako opened
2021/07/13Headset Microphone ver. 1.01 Distribution start
2021/07/09Chikamura Reia ver. 0.02 Published by
Chikamura Reia ver. 0.02 Distribution start
2021/06/23Microphone Distribution Public
Headset Microphone ver. 1.00 Start distribution
2021/06/15Question box opened
Add image with physics calculation
2021/06/13It is about mmd model production. Release
Chikamura Reia ver0.01 Public (for answering questions)
2021/06/07Add bikini images
2021/06/05Fixed an issue where the aspect ratio of the image would collapse
The questionnaire was completed.
2021/06/04Changed theme and significantly changed design
Sitemap add
2021/06/03Changed the image of sukusui to a swim cap and goggles
2021/06/02Add images of yukata
2021/05/31Opening of the site
Nice to meet you!, Links , Please cooperate with the questionnaire , History of updates publication
Mid-May?Set up a twitter account (not a new one)
2021/05/06Planning start (maybe)
Image creation in Waifu Labs
Named with Super Japanese Name Generator


Copied title and URL