Reia’s height, weight, 3 sizes

ビキニ Profiles

I actually measured the height and 3 size of the created model with Blender. (excluding birthdays, ages, and weight)

We’re tweaking what’s decided here a bit more.

Age17 years old
BirthdayJuly 9 (v0.02 published)
Height158 cm (62.20 in)
Weight55 kg (121.3 lb)
Top Bust85.41 cm (33.63 in)
Under Bust70.43 cm (27.73 in)
TU difference14.98 cm (5.898 in)
CupC Cup
Waist67.74 cm (26.67 in)
Pelvis78.90 cm (31.06 in)
Hip91.60 cm (36.06 in)
Thighs55.48 cm (21.84 in)
Calf33.37 cm (13.14 in)
Arm23.67 cm (9.319 in)
Feet23.01 cm (9.059 in)


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