The Character of Reia

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This is the personality of Reia-chan that I diagnosed on, and you can use it as a reference for your own secondary works.

Some parts of her personality do not match with my(No Name’s) personality.

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One word to describe it.

If I were to describe Chikamura Reia in a few words, I would say that she is a nice person. She is a kind and nice person, but she cannot be anything more or less than that. She is just a nice person. That’s all she is. A marriage partner is indecisive people.


Personality Type

Chikamura Reia is a holy mother type. She is a compassionate person. She sees a little good in evil people and reaches out to them. She appears to be reserved, but inside she is passionate. She has a sensitive heart and is prone to panic. She is a perfect match for the mathematician type.


What kind?

Chikamura Reia is a herbivorous girl. She is reluctant to fall in love. She is a pacifist who hates conflict. When a girl she likes talks to her, she gets nervous and starts acting suspicious. She doesn’t reject what comes her way and doesn’t chase what goes away.


Mental Strength

Chikamura Reia has a mental strength of 80 [steel mentality], very sturdy. Even if she fails, she takes it in stride. She is not intimidated by the slightest attack. But sometimes she gets depressed.


Mental age

Chikamura Reia is [20 years old]! New adult level!
(Her age in the official profile is 17.)


What’s inside?

What’s inside Chikamura Reia is [elementary school student]. She is a pure person with a heart like a boy or girl. Innocent and cute. She has a straightforward personality and will believe anything anyone says. Therefore, she is easily deceived.


The Depths of Darkness in the Heart

Chikamura Reia is a person who is 10 meters deep in darkness [gloom], positive and enjoys life. She is the type of person who has a strong sense of self and has many friends. However, sometimes you can catch a glimpse of the darkness in her heart.


Love Style

Chikamura Reia is a friend type. A person who wants to have a peaceful love life. The ideal person is someone who is easy to be with, like a friend, and once in a relationship, it lasts a long time. She is a good match for the devotional type and the black-hearted type. She can’t understand the menhera type.


Tsundele ratio

Chikamura Reia is a “dere sometimes tsun” girl, with 30% tsun and 70% dere! She’s usually very lovable, but sometimes she’s a bit grumpy. She’s a bit moody and selfish.


What types of “dele”?

Chikamura Reia is a “dere dere” person who is always dere dere for the people she likes. She doesn’t hide her affection at all. She is the type of person who always wants to make out with her lover.


Level of difficulty

Chikamura Reia has a normal difficulty level (guarded). She is the type of person that you can go out with, but from there it’s difficult. She is very cautious and does not open up easily. You need to take your time to get to know her.


Degree of mine

Chikamura Reia is 0% mine degree [Yamato Nadeshiko]. She is bright and kind person. She is always natural and beautiful from inside. Her mind is stable and positive. She is fun to be with.


Tolerance for agitation

Reia Chikamura has a 100% tolerance for agitation!
> Steel mentality <
 ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄


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