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dubidubidu 原曲サビモーション
Size: 30KB
Version: 1.00
Published: 2024/02/24
夢見る月と太陽 素材
Size: 54.4 MB
Published: 2024/01/08
夢見る月と太陽 楽曲
Size: 7.30 MB
Published: 2024/01/08

Chikamura Reia Model Data

MMD Model

Blender Model

VRM Model

It is currently under preparation (due to compatibility issues, we plan to manually convert data created as MMD models, so it will take some time to complete). Individuals may convert their own model data.

Chikamura Misuzu Model Data

MMD model

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瞳を閉じて 私は歌う

Music (wav)

Files (ccs(CeVIO), midi, wav(Inst), ust(UTAU), musicxml(NEUTRINO))



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Moved here.

[Supplement] About Version Notation
The versions of the distributed materials on this page are unified as follows.
Please refer to them when downloading.
0.XX ... unfinished version
1.00α, 1.00β ... unfinished, but could be considered a completed version with a little work
X.XX-preX ... Provisional version
1.00 ... First completed version
X.01, X.02 ... Minor modifications to the completed version once released
2.00, 3.00 ... once released as a completed version, but for various reasons have been substantially reworked from the previous version.
For 3D models, the version of the body is indicated. Therefore, the oldest version of some models is v2.00, etc.


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